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menuPick is a dynamic patient bedside meal ordering platform that runs off of any mobile device.

menuPick Features:

  • The tool is app or web-based and allows for both online and offline functionality. 

  • It is simple to use and easy to administer once set up providing up to date patient meal data to a central dashboard.

  • The system improves patient satisfaction by always delivering the first choice, and improves patient safety with digitally hosted diet, allergen, and nutritional information.

  • The system has been shown to greatly reduce food waste both in production and at the point of service.


From the largest of CPUs to Fresh Cook Kitchens and Cook Chill - Cook Freeze operations, Synbiotix Catering Information Systems can help administer them all.



  • The Synbiotix CIS Solution can manage your suppliers, administer your stock, and generate recipes and nutritional analysis all from one package.

  • The modular system includes digital HACCP monitoring systems for every stage of the process from receipt, cooking, dispatch and delivery.



Modern EPOS systems provide a wealth of management information to help with menu planning, sales mix analysis and staff productivity reports.



  • Live Dashboards display real-time information from all units based on the system.

  • This could be an average spend per transaction, to total sales and GP. 

  • The system can also be optimized to ensure that it is automatically capturing all of the data required for CQUIN reporting and sugar-sweetened beverages by just running one simple report.

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