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Legislation requires that any location that distributes and stores water is to be flushed at predetermined intervals in order to eliminate all risk of Legionella colonisation.  Permanent records of this activity are required to be kept, including a record of the person who performed this task.

Each year every NHS organisation is required to carry out hundreds of mandatory and operational audits in order to provide transparency and compliance with policies established by central Government agencies.


SIGMA is an audit platform that provides our customers with access to extensive pre-built templates for use in clinical environments. Each audit produces real-time graphical dashboards and notification of non-compliances to responsible persons.​

Sigma has been designed with a non-technical user in mind, making the audit creation process simple, efficient and fully customisable.


The Sigma Audit Builder enables end users to create audit displays through a series of wizards.

SIGMA Benefits:

  • A highly intuitive platform with multiple audit templates

  • Instant visibility of areas requirement improvement

  • Full management reporting

  • Easy to use and navigate web-based technology

  • Full support for tablet and mobile data entry

  • Support for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS

  • Integrated notifications and action plans

  • Data and evidence availability for regulatory reporting

Users will have the ability to:


  • Create multiple types of audits, including observation based audits, questionnaire-based audits, and surveys.

  • Set the audit frequencies.

  • Select the desired dashboard reporting format(s) that will be auto-generated in response to data entry.

  • Set the data capture mechanism(s).

  • Build logic into audit set-up.

Examples of SIGMA templates include:

  • PAM


  • Environment

  • Health & Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • Security

  • Catering

  • Food Hygiene

  • Food Waste

  • Pest Control

  • CQUIN’s

  • Equipment Safety

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