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Tasks can be requested directly through an online portal by wards/departments for allocation to resources.

​Helpdesk Features:

  • Task requests can be immediate, scheduled or scheduled and recurring. Scheduled jobs are requested by specifying a specific date and time. Recurring jobs are scheduled by setting the start date and time and recurring frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

  • Each job type has an associated priority that is configured during system configuration.

  • Jobs are assigned an estimated task duration and response time. These metrics are used to create KPI reports.

  • Synbiotix supports all job types and each job type can be configured to record specific data and follow set workflows.

The system supports 2 modes of job allocation:


This is where the jobs are manually allocated to resources by a helpdesk operative.


This is where the system automatically allocates jobs to resources. The user/ward/department makes the request through an online portal. Each resource has a handheld device running the Synbiotix application.  The jobs are automatically dispatched to the available resource with the appropriate skill set.


Synbiotix has the ability to integrate with third-party software to complete automatic generation of tasks.

Synbiotix includes a suite of reports including:

  • Cancelled jobs

  • Job details

  • Job times

  • Jobs per day

  • Average job time by resource

  • KPI score by day

  • Jobs that breached SLA by day

  • Total jobs by job type

  • Total jobs rejected/cancelled

  • Detailed rejected/cancelled jobs

  • Total jobs by requester by day

  • Job averages.


All data screens and all reports are exportable
to Excel for further manipulation.

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