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The Synbiotix Laundry module is designed to help organisations eliminate the over-ordering of laundry and automatically generate laundry requirements without the need for placing an order, aiding efficiency.

lAUNDRY 1.jpg



Each ward is set up with a minimum laundry stock requirement. Alongside the real-time stock level, which is recorded daily, this information is used to generate the daily clean laundry requirements.


This information is sent over to the laundry distribution company, who use the system to access reports on a daily basis which determine the overall laundry requirements for each hospital.


Once the laundry is delivered, a representative from the laundry delivery company will capture on a mobile device how many of each item was delivered to the relevant hospital and a hospital worker will sign for the delivery.


A user will then use a distribution report generated by the system to distribute the delivered laundry throughout the hospital based on the requirements of the wards.

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