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Synbiotix provide an end-to-end Hospital Information System, which incorporates and/or integrates with:

  • Laboratory systems

  • Radiology system

  • Ward & Bed Management system

  • Theatre system

  • Pharmacy system

  • Referrals & scheduling (including remote referrals)

  • Automated patient notifications and reminders

  • Finance System

  • Procurement / Sterile Supplies System

  • Catering system

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Mobile devices

  • HR

  • Healthcare reporting systems (utilisation tracking etc)




As a patient travels through the organisation, clinical information, administration, and financial events are captured. These events start to build the integrated care record. Synbiotix software solutions are designed to enable healthcare professionals to access up to date information with confidence, reliability, and security.

  • Software solutions in the healthcare market are fragmented

  • It's unlikely that one vendor will ever provide the complete integrated care record solution

  • Synbiotix modular approach to software design enables multi-vendor systems integration and supports the vision of Integrated Care Records


The Integrated Care Record:

Systems Integration & Communications

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