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Our technology is designed to both facilitate participation and integration with an organisation’s existing information systems or to provide a strategic but flexible platform with which to build a robust and comprehensive information system for your organisation’s data and information requirements.

With a demonstrable and proven track record of integration projects and bespoke developments designed for organisations, the technology employed by us offers a cost effective investment for a highly intuitive and advanced future proof solution.output (1)

We recognise the requirements for advanced and evolving technology to k eep pace with the ever-changing and advancing healthcare requirements of today. All our applications are designed and developed to be web based, thus enabling them to be accessed through a simple web browser. This also facilitates the access to any application whilst on the move, at the point of care, based in real time with immediate access to information, results, dashboards and graphs.

The technology used also simplifies the requirements for installation, avoiding the necessity for PC and User installations. We use industry Standard Microsoft tools and also recognised industry coding practices to write robust, lean software that is tailored to each organisation.

We have a demonstrable and proven track record in interfacing with: HL7, DICOM, SMSmessaging systems, email systems, phone exchanges and bespoke systems using flat file, SSIS and direct SQL access integrate with a diverse range of information systems such as Pharmacy systems, staff rostering systems, financial systems.

One size does not fit all – whilst most organisations are required to deliver the same services to the same high level standards, we recognise that each organisation operates very differently, has a unique but equally important different set of requirements and uses many and diverse different systems. We work in direct partnership with the organisation and pride ourselves on tailoring our services and our systems and solutions to your exact requirements and needs to help you realise and achieve your organisational objectives.