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Sigma Audit Tools

Sigma by Synbiotix Solutions is a platform which allows you to audit anything, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Sigma is the next generation of Synbiotix; an enhanced platform that provides our customers with the ability to build and manage their own audit templates easily and share them with an online community of Synbiotix users.

We all know the demand of auditing within clinical environments. The sheer volume of auditing requirements and cumbersome data collection and aggregation methods are a huge drain on the valuable resources that could be better used elsewhere. Sigma replaces the traditional paper/ spreadsheet auditing and reporting format and propels auditing checklist custom in laptopand monitoring into the 21st century.

Sigma provides a suite of audit templates that can be used to meet the needs of most standard audits, as well as a bespoke audit designer that has been designed with the non-technical user in mind, making the audit creation process simple, efficient and full customisable. It is a uniquely flexible and fully customisable audit building, audit repository and reporting system which operates a ‘plug and play’ style approach to expansion and scale-up.

Included within Sigma is the Synbiotix Cloud; an online community that allows users to share their internally build audit tools with the wider Synbiotix family of customers by publishing their templates through the integrated cloud community module.

Sigma Audit Builder

The Sigma Audit Builder has been designed to give our customers the flexibility to create audits without the need for an IT specialist. The Audit Builder provides a set audit templates that have been designed to cover the majority of audit requirements and data collection methods. These templates include:

  • Audit builder custom in laptopChecklists
  • Observational Audits
  • Surveys
  • Performance Indicators
  • Standards

We recognise that there are always exceptions. For this reason we have introduced the Custom Audit Builder which gives you complete freedom to design and build an audit exactly to your specific requirements. The Custom Audit Builder’s drag-and-drop capabilities gives you full control over every aspect of the audit’s structure, data capture set-up and appearance.

The Sigma Audit Builder also contains a logic builder that allows you to add custom functionality to your audit. For example: performing in-audit calculations, applying rules to fields, generating notifications and alerts, amongst many other capabilities.

Sigma also includes a rules and alert engine that triggers the generation of reports and action requirements and the release of mission-critical information at the required levels of detail to pre-defined recipients from operative to senior management. Alerts can be sent by email, SMS and/or bleep.

The Sigma Reports and Dashboard builder consists of a suite of dashboard templates that can be applied to information stored in Sigma. It enables users to define and implement custom views of their data. The report builder can also be used to build data views for exporting to or integrating with 3rd party systems.

Sigma is used extensively across the NHS and within non-healthcare organisations. Quite simply, if you need to audit, you need Sigma!

Click here to download more information about Sigma.