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Acuity & Dependency

The Synbiotix Acuity and Dependency tool has been designed to meet all the needs and financial challenges faced by each and every organisation in their quest to increase productivity and maintain their cost effective services whilst assisting in improving their standard and quality of care.

It enables organisations to:

  • Measure the acuity and dependency levels of existing patients at any specified frequency
  • Monitor and record funded establishment staffing levels per shift as agreed by organisation
  • Measure and compare actual staffing levels per shift with recommended staffing levels calculated by the system
  • Be automatically alerted when there is a pre-agreed/defined % shortfall or surplus of actual staffing levels compared with the calculated, recommended staffing levels
  • Measure, monitor and record all workflow activities, clinical area events and any workload associated with the clinical area which may require a staffing resource.
  • Associate contributable factors to staffing levels and view how these factors affect staffing
  • Validate staffing requirements according to measured patient acuity and dependency