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Audit. Governance. Compliance. RAG ratings. Key Performance Indicators. Not the most exciting of subjects are they?

But they are all essential in modern business. They drive standards improvement through every aspect of your organisation, they give you visibility on the things that need your attention and allow you to see where you’re doing well.

At Synbiotix, we build the systems that enable this. And we are very proud of what we do.

We believe that partnerships deliver better results for everyone and allow for the development of long-term relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

We believe that providing solutions rather than simply selling you a product is a more effective approach that gives better results, and in doing this we can guarantee that specific needs, requirements and issues you face, can be identified and overcome.

This concept of solutions being driven to address audit, governance and compliance challenges has been with Synbiotix since our inception in 2003 and in our ten years of developing systems for some of the biggest healthcare organisations in the UK, we have established credibility and have proven time and again that our way of working works and our solutions are fit-for-purpose.

By working in partnership with Synbiotix, our customers have been able to draw on the considerable experience of our team when it comes to best practice and ‘gold-standard’ processes as well as the required technical capability, whilst having the flexibility to test new ways of working in order to streamline process and minimize administration time.

The result of our approach is a fully integrated and modular platform which encompasses a full Audit and Governance toolkit, specialist clinical systems and an end to end suite of tools within an HIS/PAS system that has been tried and tested in one of the most demanding health economies in the world and can, very simply, be applied anywhere.